Trendy Budget Buys 

Hello everyone! We have less than a week until Christmas! Hope everyone is finished their gift shopping so you can all enjoy the week. I have a couple more presents to buy & wrap but I *think* I’m on the right track. Over the weekend it snowed/rained so we stayed indoors Saturday & it gave me plenty of time to wrap presents and spend time with Stephen & Duke. At the end of the post I’ll share a photo of what Duke was doing while I was wrapping presents. It’s really cute & it will give you a Monday smile! 

Enough of me chatting! I wanted to share some items that have been on trend the past couple months. Only my picks are all under $70.00. Whenever items are trendy I always try to get the “dupe” of that item because it doesn’t take long until that’s out of style and there is a new best item out there that everyone wants. I truly believe you can purchase quality items without having to drop $799.00 on boots & almost a grand on heels. That’s just my personal preference (: 

1. Cable Knit Pom Pom Hat

This hat is only $14.00!

2. Studded Heel

I’m sure by now you have all seen the infamous “Rockstud Flats”. I am a fan of them but not a fan of the price tag. These are from Sole Society for $69.95. That is a couple hundred off of the real ones! 

3. Plaid Scarf

This is another item most have seen or already own. I purchased mine off of EBay a couple years ago but the seller is no longer on the site. I found this one at Target for only $24.99. They are so soft. 

4. Quilted Crossbody

With a $39.00 price tag you can certainly get another color if you wanted because they offer 5 colors. This reminded me so much of the Quilted Chanel bag. Which is beautiful but hey- I have bills to pay & I cannot bring myself to pay for a bag that’s worth a couple of my Jeep payments! I really like that the one linked above has leopard inside. 

5. Over the Knee Boots

Step aside $800.00 boots because these have taken your place! These are $49.99 & you can get an extra 15% off your purchase with code “give”. I may need to purchase these after Christmas! They also come in a tan color as well. 

I hope you all enjoyed my picks & I promise to have more dupe posts in the future. These types of posts used to be my favorite to find online before I started blogging, so I hope I am out there helping someone. 

Xoxo, The Frugal Blonde 

As promised above here is the photo of what Duke was doing while I wrapped! (; 

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