Makeup at Ulta for less 

Happy Friday! Woohoo the weekend is HERE! Today I want to share with you some great options for makeup that is at Ulta. It’s nice being able to shop at a makeup retailer that sells luxe products but also being able to shop the drugstore price point side & walk out with amazing products. No need to feel like you have to shop the big pride side in order to feel like you got good products. 

Ulta also has their own line that is really stepping up the game. I usually overlook their own brand because I’m too busy engulfed in the NYX & Makeup Revolution displays. Yesterday I went into Ulta & spent the entire time in the drugstore part. I wanted to find really good alternatives to the expensive makeup I used to purchase. 

First up are some face products. 

I have tried all the products above. I honestly saw no difference between the sets other than the prices. Ulta usually allows you to buy 2 and get 2 free! I always take advantage of that. 

I’ll be honest- Ulta used to not have much pigmentation in their products so it would also drive me away from purchasing. It seems as now they are trying to keep up with other brands & really stepping up the quality of their products. I keep going back to see more of what they are coming out with. If I find anything else worth raving about I’ll for sure share! 

Primers: Smashbox | Ulta

Blush: Bare Minerals | Ulta Blush

Glow Kits: Anastasia | Ulta Strobing Kit

Next up is eye, brow, & lip deals. 

Okay I can’t contain my excitement because THIS PALETTE by Makeup Revolution is my new favorite makeup palette. I cannot wait to start playing around with it. The pigmentation in it is so good. Why pay 65 when you can honestly pay 15?! 

The lip balms are both very good & are so silky on the lips. I would prefer the Revlon option because it’s more affordable. You can also usually use coupons on Revlon at Ulta & they sometimes have buy one get one 50% off. 

For brows- I have tried pencils & powders & no matter what I’ll always stay true to my NYX Brow Cake Powder. It lasts all day, even during the summer when I would go running after work! The colors match well too. At only $5.99 it lasts for months. No brainer! 

Balms: Clinique | Revlon

Brow Powder: Anastasia | NYX

Eye Shadow Palette: MAC | Makeup Revolution

I hope you enjoyed this post. I really enjoy sharing more affordable options with all of you! Have the best weekend & be sure to stay tuned for more affordable posts in the future! 

Xoxo, The Frugal Blonde 

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