Wedding Wednesday- Groomsmen & Dessert Edition 

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you all are having an awesome week. Today I am back with my Wedding Wednesday series & I am going to share some information about the groomsmen. I will also share our cake/cupcake vendor as well. 

The guys suits were from Men’s Warehouse. Stephen got his suit free because after a certain amount of groomsmen the groom get his suit free of charge. Our fathers also wore the same suit & color combo. I wanted something simple & elegant for the guys & I think we nailed it! They all looked so handsome. They also got their shoes from Men’s Warehouse but Steve wore his own that were from Kohls. 

My mom & I made their boutonnières as well. We got the all the supplies to make them at Hobby Lobby & Michaels. Steve keeps his on a shelf in our living room so it’s always on display. 

Next up I want to share with you our beautiful cake & cupcakes! 

We had our cake & cupcakes made by a family friend. Her cake Instagram handle is “NutMegs Cupcakes”. Her work is seriously amazing! We had a red velvet cake for us & the guests could choose between red velvet or marble. The frosting was of course buttercream! 

Our napkins were made online at Oriental Trading Company. 

The cake topper & flowers were from Hobby Lobby. 

The cake cutter & knife was a gift from my mother in law. 

Plates were from Target. (Don’t worry about spending a ton on items like this… they get thrown out anyway!) 

Cake stand was from Target & was $5.00! 

My mom bought the “sweets” sign at Target. She bought the banner & letters and then put it together. This was also under $10.00! 

The beautiful dresser was borrowed from the venue. They had so many beautiful pieces we were able to use for no extra charge! 

I couldn’t end this post without sharing two funny photos to show you how much fun our groomsmen party was so here are some silly photos for your enjoyment! 

I had the best day. My face was numb by the end of the day because I had a permanent smile! #BestWeddingEVER! 

Hope you enjoyed this post & be sure to check back again next Wednesday for more wedding information! 

Xoxo, The Frugal Blonde 

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